Summer is here, and the warmer weather makes it the best time to spend outdoors. Another great thing about warmer weather is that you can comfortably move around without worrying about being cold or bundled up. With great weather conditions, it makes for the perfect opportunity to start indoor, and outdoor remodeling projects. However, we highly suggest focusing on mainly outdoors for now until winter returns. The promise of no rain, or any other weather conditions that may hinder projects such as roofing or exterior painting make summertime the peak season for all the projects you’ve wanted to get done.

Focus on these renovations:


Summertime is the ideal time for roof repair with how predictable the weather is. Most roofing projects warrant for nice temperatures without the risk of bad weather like rain. The common roof repair like a quick patching or securing loose shingles is an easy fix. With enough confidence and research, you can roof inspect yourself to determine if there is any noticeable damage, and if so, to what degree. If your roof has been well maintained, your chances of needing any work are slim. Any large amount of damage such as leaks are signs you may need to hire a professional roofing specialist to address this issue.


This is the occasion where for most people it is about spending time outside and enjoying the outdoors while the sun shines. Without a patio deck in your home, then you’re not enjoying the outdoors to its full potential. A patio deck not only creates a space for entertaining, it increases the value of your home since it’s considered a luxury feature.

The typical standard level deck or patio are easy to build with extra helping hands and knowledge or power tools. However, a raised deck will require the work of a professional contractor with skills and experience building decks or patios. The most preferred type of wood for DIY patios is pressure treated wood. It’s not only user-friendly, but it also comes at an affordable price. Let’s not forget about modified wood or composites, both work great and last longer. You also won’t have to be concerned with having to re-stain/seal that is usually needed when working with wood.


In the middle of the heat, you find yourself working on your home; so the options are to upgrade your bathroom or a complete remodel. Kitchen and bathrooms are the two high traffic rooms in a home that can make or break a home when back on the market. Kitchen remodeling is a bigger commitment while also being an even bigger financial investment and leaving you without a means of cooking. Bathroom remodeling is easier to work with considering there’s usually two in a household.

A few easy DIY upgrades are getting a new faucet or a swapping for a better shower head. Polishing your tub and sink can give it a squeaky clean appearance. That may not always do the trick, if your tub and sinks are outdated, now is the time to consider replacing it entirely. Warmer weather also allows for tiling projects in the bathroom to go smoothly. Bathrooms are a smaller space in your home so you can usually renovate them to achieve your ideal “magazine worthy: space without needing to shell out a fortune.