It’s one of the most important rooms in the house, and somewhat unassumingly so. It’s such a necessity that we sometimes overlook the potential it has to also be beautiful. Over the years, it’s certainly seen an awakening in the design world and earned the attention it deserves. Bathroom remodeling is one of the most sought after renovations in the industry. Homeowners are aware that if you have an outdated bathroom, this lessens the value of a home and could deter a potential offer on a property if you’re looking to sell. Buyers are looking for bathrooms that are remodeled and up to date. 

So whether you want to remodel for your own enjoyment, or to bring up the resale value of your home, here are some trends in 2020 that are sure to be inspiring. Some are simple and appealing to a wide audience, while others a little more bold and aimed towards risk takers.

Stand Alone Tubs

We’re seeing separate and stand alone bathtubs make a comeback in modern day bathroom remodeling. They’re not only visually stunning, but luxurious in the way that they only serve one purpose – bath time. You want to shower in a hurry? Do it over there, in the shower. You want to relax and enjoy a nice soak? Come right in and get comfortable. Whether you choose an old Victorian claw foot tub, or a super sleek and modern design, a stand alone bath tub will demand appreciation in any bathroom. 

It Wood Be So Nice

Rich, warm, natural wood is making a huge splash in the bathroom remodeling. With recent trends favoring mostly modern and light, with lots of white all around, wood accents and focal points give depth and warmth to the space, keeping it from looking too sterile. It brings in a natural element that’s needed among all the tile and hardware. From vanities, built-in shelving, wall accents and more, incorporating the earthy feeling and warmth of wood is a great way to update a bathroom.

Black Beauty

If you don’t think black is on the list when it comes to bathroom color compatibility, be ready to have your mind changed. In the last several years we’ve seen a big trend with the color grey in bathrooms – grey cabinetry, tile, walls, etc. Well, we’ve seemed to take a chance on being bold, and are now going full dark mode. Black is a strikingly beautiful contrast in a space with a mixture of colors and materials. Crisp white walls with black light fixtures, sleek and solid black vanities against shiny subway tile, or a black accent wall gives a clean atmosphere a bit of an edge. Many modern home renovations will showcase the color black throughout the home in various ways.

Floating Vanities 

Modern design has a big emphasis on functionality. We’ve come up with innovative ways to save space, create it, and use it. One of these new design tricks, if you will, is a floating vanity. This is when it’s built directly into the wall, without having to stand on or touch the floor at all. It keeps the floor space open and clean looking, giving the vanity the illusion of “floating.” Many people will do this with nightstands in the bedroom as well. It’s a very common design choice in minimalist and modern design. 

A Touch of Gold

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in bathroom remodeling design is gold fixtures and finishes. Different variations from a dusty light gold, to a shiny and bold brass tone. It works well with other current trends, such as bright and bold splashes of color, or sophisticated and muted palettes; adding the perfect pop of energy to each feel. Gold adds warmth to the space, in contrast to the usual shiny and polished chrome look, that can feel too modern and cold. 

We hope to see more new and exciting design trends soon, and will be sure to share them with you! If you’re in the market for a bathroom remodel, don’t hesitate to take some chances and make a creative design choice here and there. Subtly and boldness can work very well together.