Remodeling Projects to Increase Return on Resale and Home Value

Remodelers and real estate agents agree that remodeling projects such as room additions, kitchen upgrades, bathroom renovations and other remodeling projects boost property value. In many real estate markets throughout California, including San Diego and Orange County, pre-sale remodels are increasingly becoming not only a recommendation but an expectation. Bring in more bang for your buck come resale-time with these remodeling tips to pump up the price.

Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen, Adding a tile backsplash and refacing, converting a closed kitchen to an open kitchen or refinishing your cabinets not only adds style and function, but a full kitchen remodel prepares your house for appraisal and can pay for itself in the long run.

Bathroom RenovationHardwood Floors in Laguna Hills

Bathroom upgrades such as removing the tub and changing the shower, a tub to shower conversions, replacing the bathtub, installing a new bathtub or tiling the floors also increase return at resale.

Room Addition

Other projects homeowners should consider that add considerable value include adding a second story, wine cellar or new room addition improves curb appeal while increasing square footage and bedroom count. Changes to the floor plan, knocking down walls to combine two rooms or converting a closet into a bathroom can also pump up the price.

Outdoor Improvements

Remodeling projects, hardscaping and other outdoor home improvements like paving a run-down a driveways relacing a rundown deck or adding a covered patio to house not only add eye-appeal to the exterior but can also have a big impact at closing.

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