Kitchen Styles to Consider When Planning Your Next Cook Space Renovation or Dining Room Remodeling Project

The kitchen is the heart of the home and central to our daily lives. Our kitchen remodeling specialists offer custom cabinets, quartz countertops, tile backsplash and fixtures from a variety of brands and in an assortment of design styles. From modern to traditional, cottage charm or french country, our remodeling and design professionals can help aid the process of designing your dream kitchen and remodeling your perfect home.

Our showrooms feature cabinet, countertop and flooring materials from all the top manufacturers. Remodeling material options aren’t limited to what we have in our showrooms. Whether you’re designing your kitchen to match your full house remodel or your kitchen remodeling project will provide the inspiration for the rest of your house, you can make it a reflection of your personal style and design preference.

Knock Down a Wall to Create an Open Kitchen Space

Stay connected by removing a wall and creating an open kitchen. One of the secrets to making a room look larger is to knock down a wall that divides the space. Open kitchens provide a way for the meal preparer to still be engaged with what’s going on in the rest of the house, watch TV and participate in conversions. Kitchen floor tiling techniques can also make a small space appear larger.

Traditional Kitchen Remodel with Neutral Hues and Light Earth Tones 

Traditional kitchen remodels never goes out of style. Here are few ideas for timeless kitchen countertops with unique personal touches. Remodeling your kitchen, Adding a tile backsplash and refacing, converting a closed kitchen to an open kitchen or refinishing your cabinets not only adds style and function, but a full kitchen remodel prepares your house for appraisal and can pay for itself in the long run.

Hardwood Floors in Laguna Hills

Country Kitchen Renovation with Custom Cabinet Refacing 

Rustic farmhouse with wood countertops offer rustic charm and copper cabinet handles offer a warm and inviting feel. Natural wood is often used for country-style kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen upgrades such as replacing cabinets, countertops or flooring adding a kitchen island, installing new appliances, tiling the floors or expanding the size of your kitchen by knocking down a wall are all services we specialize in.

Contemporary Open Kitchen with Pendant Accent Lighting

Contemporary kitchens offer subtle elegance and can consist of minimalist cabinetry, light color palettes with a few bright accents. Other kitchen renovation ideas include adding a wine cellar, knocking down a wall to create an open space or adding a kitchen island are also increasingly growing in popularity amongst the creme de la creme. Installing energy-efficient appliances can also reduce energy expenses.

Modern Kitchen with Concrete Island and Stainless Steel Appliances

Modern kitchen designs add a touch of elegance and class. Especially with the increase in technology updates and smart home improvements, today’s modern kitchen offers convenience and connectivity once only dreamed of. Remodeling projects and other home improvements like cabinet refacing adding a kitchen island, wine cellar or redoing countertops make the heart of your home a place to get together, catch-up, unwind and make memories. Regardless of your design style or busy schedule we can create that ideal kitchen for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. The average cost to redo your kitchen is approximately $20,000 and up to $50,000 or more for high-end kitchen remodeling projects.

Contact us to schedule a design consultation or in-house estimate with a project manager.

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