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Home Improvement Projects For The Summertime

Summer is here, and the warmer weather makes it the best time to spend outdoors. Another great thing about warmer weather is that you can comfortably move around without worrying about being cold or bundled up. With great weather conditions, it makes for the perfect opportunity to start indoor, and outdoor remodeling projects. However, we […]


Our Top Picks for Kitchen Countertop Materials

Our Top Picks for Kitchen Countertop Materials One of the most important and difficult decisions you will make in the process of a kitchen renovation is what type of countertop material. With so many choices available at a homeowners’ fingertips, it becomes even more difficult. Since this surface area has a strong influence on many […]

Pray For The Best Prepare For The Worst

Okay, so home renovations aren’t as bad as social distancing in the Age of Corona, but they’re no Sunday walk in the park, either. If you have friends or family who’ve renovated, they’ve no doubt told you of the horrors of not having a kitchen for twelve weeks, bathing at the Y, or worse! Okay, […]


Know Your Lingo: Renovating Vs. Remodeling

If you’re in the renovation process, the topic is bound to come up in social conversations. If you’re like us and are mortally embarrassed when someone corrects your pronunciation of quinoa (seriously, what is that word???) then it stands to reason that you’d like to know what you’re talking about when friends start asking you […]


DIY Division: Paint Tips

Not every home renovation/remodel project needs the professional touch. Sure, the more complicated arenas of demolition and building or working with utilities is better left to the experienced. But when it comes to more mundane jobs, you’ll be fine with your two hands. Painting, for example, is one of the quickest ways to make a […]